Lyn Butler, Founder and CEO, Chief Problem Solver

When Lyn Butler explains why she is a problem solver, she always laughs that it’s because once she hit 18, she has had a number of problems that needed to be solved.

During high school, Lyn was a teen model with beautiful clear skin. However, during her freshman year college, she suddenly developed terrible acne. Her doctors put her on a very aggressive drug program involving steroids and hormones which not only did not cure her acne but made her gain a significant amount of weight. (Thanks guys!)

Now with 2 major issues to solve, she began researching and trying too many products, treatments and diets to mention. She finally lost the weight (the diet adventure is too long to cover here) and manages to maintain a size 8 figure. (Most of the time that is!)

For her skin, Lyn saw the doctors and aestheticians written up in magazines and seen on TV for treatments. She tried high end department store and salon products, drug store products and mail order items that promised perfect skin but never delivered. She also became quite skillful with blemish-hiding makeup. After much trial and error, she finally found her acne solution and put breakouts in her rearview mirror. She then switched her research and product sampling to keeping herself looking younger than her years. She thought breakouts were in her past but then Covid happened and mask wearing became necessary to stop the spread of the virus. An unfortunate side effect of mask-wearing was that it could cause skin problems or Maskne.

And while everyone doesn’t get Maskne, Lyn of course did, and it infuriated her. She channeled her frustration into serious research/problem solving. And it was an eye-opener. She read articles from medical journals that explained that exhaling was a major way the body detoxed. In fact, there was ongoing research into analyzing breath as an early way to diagnose diseases that are not obvious. Research stated that up to 3500 germs, bacteria, cytokines, pathogens, compounds, etc. are found in every exhale! Lyn understood what was causing Maskne—even in people who had never broken out before in their lives. The mask was trapping these next to the skin and the warm, humid atmosphere was making the skin particularly vulnerable. Even worse, in addition to Maskne, these also contributed to loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin which are two main reasons for skin aging.

Lyn realized that the conventional wisdom and advice was to treat Maskne like acne which she felt ignored the big problem of the trapped toxins. Working with dermal researchers and a genius cosmetic chemist, Lyn put together a kit that specifically dealt with the causes of Maskne. She tried this herself and gave it to a group of Maskne sufferers. Overwhelmingly the testers found that using the kit with a good AM/PM skincare regime helped prevent, clear or improve their skin. Another problem-solving product was born. Lyn is also the force behind Still Standing®️ spray which prevents foot discomfort before it starts in heels, boots, sneakers or any shoe whether working, playing, running or are just on your feet. Click here to learn more about Still Standing®️ spray.

Now Lyn is focused on expanding Under the Mask™ and Still Standing® globally while she waits for the next problem that she has that needs solving!

Stay tuned.